Credit Coaching Services

Superior Tax Services is a highly respected credit repair company that provides credit advice to individuals and business clients. When you’re concerned about debt and credit issues, it’s helpful to have a dependable service you can trust — and we can help. Our credit repair experts can offer you advice, credit counseling, and more — all to help you fix your bad credit and move towards establishing and maintaining a healthy credit score.

Credit Score Coach

A credit score coach provides professional credit coaching that’s individualized to their clients’ needs. In order to provide credit repair and restoration services for our elite clients, we first get to know them on a personal basis to understand their distinct financial circumstances. Then, we’ll meticulously examine all pertinent paperwork, filings, and other critical documents to gain insight into your inaccuracy reported accounts. Finally, we’ll create a customized, actionable plan to help you climb out of debt, repair your credit, and move forward with your financial life.

Tax Preparer

If you’ve ever wondered how to be a tax expert, you can rely on Superior Tax Services for the guidance you need to get started. With our Tax University we provide the training and education you need to become a licensed tax professional. We can even help you create your own tax franchise.
As a tax preparer, you can enjoy a secure career helping people prepare and file their taxes. If you want to know how to be a filing expert, you’ll need to take an IRS tax preparer course, such as Tax Preparation: the Basics. This course gives you an excellent foundation for preparing taxes. You’ll also learn about the various tax tools for filing online. When you pass our Tax University  course and obtain certification, you’ll be able to provide filing preparation advice for others!

DIY Credit Repair

It is possible to achieve DIY credit repair, but having an understanding of different strategies helps save you time so you can get your score on track as soon as possible. Good credit is vital whether you’re an individual who wants to apply for a credit card or mortgage, or if you’re a business who wants to apply for a loan to purchase new office equipment or make repairs. The experts at Superior Tax Services offer various credit repair courses, and can set you up with a plan to improve your credit and give you the advice you need to maintain good credit moving forward.

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If you need assistance repairing your individual or business credit, consult with Superior Tax Services — we feature expert tax preparers and experienced debt specialists on our team. We also provide reliable business coaching, and tax preparation services for both individual and business clients. Contact us today or schedule a free consultation and get started!



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