How To Start A Tax Preparation Business

Starting a Tax Prep Business

By starting a tax prep business, you can provide a wide range of tax services to U.S. citizens. Superior Tax Services offers franchise opportunities and training for savvy entrepreneurs who want to start their own businesses. Find out more about the benefits of making a career change to become a tax specialist!

Starting a Tax Business

Starting a tax franchise is a terrific business model. You’ll have low operating costs and a high potential for profits once you spread the word about your services. Not only that, but you’ll also help your community invest in their futures and help change peoples’ financial circumstances for the better.

As part of your new tax business strategy, it’s essential to get the training and support you need to build a successful business. Superior Tax Services offers online courses so that you can become a tax pro and build your confidence all from the comfort of home.

Become a Tax Pro

Millions of Americans use tax preparation services, and there’s always room for those looking to build a successful business. Once you become a specialist, you will quickly learn that every member of your community can benefit from the expertise of a knowledgeable tax professional.

Tax preparation affects nearly every friend and neighbor, and franchisees can feel good about the services they offer. Superior Tax Services provides tax tools, including calculators that help you estimate and prepare tax returns, as well as tools for tax reduction strategy that help you better serve your clients. You’ll also learn how to offer in-demand services such as refund advance loan programs, online filing and traditional filing options, and client education.

Starting a Tax Service

Starting a tax prep business is a great way to build your wealth, thanks to the low cost of entry. Whether you prepare returns from your home office or a storefront, you can keep costs down dramatically. Often, tax preparers only operate during tax season, which lowers your overall operating cost and can yield high profits.

When you become a tax preparer, you enjoy the independence of having your own business without the expense of inventory and year-round overhead costs. There are few business opportunities that are as attractive from start-up and operating cost perspectives.

Tax Pro Franchise FAQs

How long does it typically take to get my own tax franchise up and running?

You can complete the 6-week drip course and get your PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number) & EFIN (Electronic Filing Identification Number) certification to become an ERO (Electronic Filing Originator). An ERO is an authorized E-file provider who may also prepare and submit returns to the IRS, directly or through a transmitter.

How much previous knowledge do I need to begin?

You don’t have to have any knowledge before beginning your journey toward becoming a tax pro. Before starting a tax prep business, you can take the tax prep course offered by Superior Tax Services.

What states are eligible to start a Superior Tax Services franchise?

If you live in any of the lower 48 states or Alaska, you can start a Superior Tax Services Franchise. Franchise opportunities are not available in Hawaii.

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When you begin your very own tax franchise with Superior Tax Services, you’re investing in your future and the future of your community. Not only are you able to earn money for yourself, but you provide a much-needed service to your neighbors, family, and friends.

Find out how to get starting with tax preparation courses and other online learning opportunities that pave the way for a successful franchise. Superior Tax Services also provides direction on how to spread the word about your tax business through online and in-person marketing. In fact, we offer a range of marketing tools, free tax calculators, and advice to help you create, maintain, and grow your business. Contact us today to get started!

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