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Important Tax Dates for 2020

IRS official tax dates you need to stay on top of your taxes.


Due to the Coronavirus national emergency, the IRS has extended deadlines for individuals and businesses as part of the tax relief plan.

Altered dates:

  • Federal income tax return deadline: July 15
  • Federal income tax payment deadline: July 15
  • Quarter 1 estimated tax payment deadline: July 15
  • Optional suspension of OIC payments: July 15
  • Optional suspension of installment agreement payments: July 15

Unaltered dates:

  • Quarter 2 estimated tax deadline: June 15

Individual taxpayers can file a tax extension if more time to file is needed beyond the new July 15 deadline.


2020 Federal Legal Holidays

  • January 1 – New Year’s Day
  • January 20 – Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday
  • February 17 – Washington’s Birthday
  • May 25 – Memorial Day
  • July 3 – Independence Day
  • September 7 – Labor Day
  • October 14 – Columbus Day
  • November 11 – Veterans’ Day
  • November 26 – Thanksgiving Day
  • December 25 – Christmas Day

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Tax Tools for Online Filing

At Superior Tax Services, we’re happy to provide tax tools and other resources for online filing. These tools and calculators can not only help you prepare your taxes and understand the process, but can inform you on what type of documents you need to file on-the-go online or receive a tax advance. Doing your taxes like a pro is easy when you know where to find tools that expedite the processing of returns and schedules!


Table of Contents for Tax Tools and Calculators


Use the following links to navigate the tax tools for online filing:


The federal tax calculator is located on the lower half of the page, where you will also find other calculators to help you budget for mortgages, cars, college, and other large expenses.


Federal Tax Calculator


When you use the Federal Income Tax Calculator, you can input your client’s information to provide a quick estimate or double-check your results. The other tax tools for online filing include a capital gains tax calculator and a worksheet to compare the advantages of itemizing versus claiming the standard tax deduction.


Federal Refund Estimator


Wondering if you will get a tax refund this year? Use the tax refund estimator to answer this question. By offering these complementary services, it adds an extra touch and attention to detail that leads to satisfied clients. Enter filing status, gross income, IRA contributions, and other relevant information. The more information you include, the more accurate the estimate will be.


IRS Publications and State Publications


As part of the tax tools for online filing, Supreme Tax Services has a search tool for IRS forms and publications. This makes it easy to download forms and fill them out quickly and easily. We do everything we can to help you maximize your revenue!


State Forms & Publications


Individual and business state tax information is easy to access on our page for tax tools for online filing. To begin, select a state. On each state page, we have loaded the forms and instruction documents you’ll need to prepare state tax returns with ease.


Refund Status for State Income Taxes


Check the State Refund Status of your return. This is a convenient one-stop website to download forms and other information. To check the status of an expected state tax refund, click on the state and enter the refund amount and social security number of the taxpayer.


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In addition to our tax tools and calculators, Superior Tax Services offers a wide variety of financial services, like credit score coaching, online courses on how to become a tax preparer, small business coaching, and more. Contact us for more information or to get started today!