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TAX preparation Services


Having a professional file your taxes can save you time and money, and when it comes to unsurpassed tax preparation services, Superior Tax Services understands just what businesses and individuals need. We pride ourselves on trust, accuracy,  affordability, and accountability. Our team of tax professionals features seasoned experts in tax filing and can ensure that our clients are fully compliant and have their taxes submitted by the correct dates. We find all the credits that you’re eligible for and never miss any deductions.

Tax Refund Advance

Get your refund faster with us! Some of our clients have financial obligations and need their tax refund now — not when the government finally decides to issue a refund. At Superior Tax Services, we can also arrange for an advance from a federal tax refund. This is calculated using a refund estimator tool, and can help to determine the amount that you’ll be refunded.

We know it’s your money and that you may need the extra funds for medical bills, personal needs, or other expenses. After you have acknowledged and allowed your tax specialist to e-file your tax return, our partner bank will determine your eligibility for a refund advance up to $6,000.

These cash advances aren’t based on credit, so you don’t need to worry about a credit check being performed. With a Same-Day Cash Advance, you can receive a cash advance on the very same day your tax return is accepted by the IRS! This advance is a loan that will be repaid with your tax refund.

Superior Tax Services can also help you know what to do with your refund, including investing it or using it as part of our credit coaching services, a one-time fee service that can help boost your credit score and plan for the future.


Filing On the Go

One more way that Superior Tax Services is the best choice for small business or individual tax filings is our filing on-the-go service. We can work remotely with you, making it easy to file a simple tax return online — or even your business taxes! File on the go is different from regular tax prep services in that your taxes are filed from home — with help by an expert — and submitted online, as opposed to traditional tax prep services. We understand that your time is valuable, and we’re ready to make sure that our detail-oriented services are available when you need them most. For more information on our file on-the-go service, call us at 844 829 7766 today!

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Reaching Your Tax Date On Time

Ensuring that your tax filing is completed by the right date is essential to avoid penalties and fines from the IRS. Even if you’re granted an extension, having a tax preparation expert can make sure that everything is promptly and correctly. Part of our tax preparation services includes making sure that you and your business meet every deadline, reducing your tax liability and potential late fees.


Tax Deduction

One way that many people get tripped up when filing their own taxes and preparing their own tax returns is falling for myths about tax deductions. At Superior Tax Services, we know the facts and understand the intricacies of tax filing. Our professional team can help you maximize your tax refund by finding ways to maximize your deductions and tax credits.

Understanding what to deduct as a business expense can save small businesses plenty of money when it comes to filing taxes, too. Having a professional tax preparation service guide a business owner through the pitfalls of the tax code can keep a business out of trouble with the IRS. Plus, a professional tax preparation service can answer all the questions you have about “What documents do I need for tax filing?” by helping you keep track of them throughout the year. This is why having someone who is working for you and understands the importance of the facts about tax deductions is so essential.


Choose Superior Tax Services for Your Tax Filing

With our flexible filing opportunities and our depth of knowledge about filing taxes for both small businesses and individuals, Superior Tax Services is the obvious choice for tax filing services. We offer on-the-go tax filing as well as personalized analysis of your tax circumstances. We can even arrange for an advance on your tax refund, getting you money fast! Contact us today to learn more — and don’t miss a deduction ever again!